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W/D Symptoms [May. 9th, 2009|04:22 pm]

This is the w/d  symptom list from benzowise.com. If I experienced the symptom the answer will be "Yes". If I didn't it will be "No"

Abdominal cramps:
cramping and pain in the abdomen, sometimes moving to different areas --Yes

Achiness: dull aches and pains all over the body --Yes

Agitation: restless, feeling a need to move around, "antsy" feeling --Yes

Agoraphobia: fear of going out, fear of open spaces, supermarkets etc. fear of panic attacks, often confined to home --Yes

Anger/rage: often unexplained -- Yes

Anxiety: adrenaline rushes, panic attacks, overbreathing, palpitations often including agoraphobia --Yes

Apathy: lack of motivation, lack or interest in self or others, emotionally flat, socially withdrawnl flatness --Yes

Appetite changes:  loss, gain leading to increase or decrease in weight --Yes




Back pain: lower, mid, upper, coccyx --Yes

Balance Problems/Dizziness: feeling unsteady on feet, room “spinning” even when sitting or lying -- YES

Benzo Belly:  distension, bloat, digestive problems, abnormally large, “looking pregnant” --Maybe.

Bloating/water retention: oedema, swollen feet -- No...

Blood sugar fluctuations: high and low, hpoglycaemic-type symptoms -- I'm not a hypochondriac..so I wouldn't know

Blurred vision: everything appears blurred, problems reading and seeing generally -- Yes

Brain Fog: feeling as if observing through a cloud, reduced clarity -- Yes, all the time..

Bruxism/Teeth Grinding:  during sleep - often associated with tolerance or as a side effect while still on drug -- Yes

Burning pain/sensations:  on any part of body, often the shoulders, back, hands and feet -- Yes




Concentration loss:  inability to focus attention and/or acquire new information -- Yes

Confusion:   simple tasks are difficult, unable to decipher directions or follow simple instructions -- Yes

"Cracking"/creaking joints:  “cracking” sound in neck, arms, back, hips -- Yes

Crawling sensation on skin: distorted perception - feeling as if insects are crawling all over (usually during acute withdrawal) -- Yes




Depersonalisation:  detached from self, feeling like alien in own body, disconnected -- Yes

Depressive mood:  low, heavy mood, flat affect, unmotivated, feeling of hopelessness -- Yes

Derealisation:  feeling of being distant, cut off, being in a dream-like state, surreal-- Yes

Dizziness/Balance problems: unsteady on feet, feeling as if drunk, room "spinning” even when sitting or lying -- YES

Dreams:  vivid, recurring, themed, nightmares with distrubing images -- Yes

Dry mouth:   mouth dry and feeling as if no saliva -- Yes





Electric shock sensations/Zaps:  feeling as if shocked, shocks running through body (any part including ears) -- Yes

Emotional blunting/anaesthesia: inability to feel emotions whether positive or negative, not connected to authentic feelings -- Yes

Exhaustion:  extreme weakness, feeling totally without energy as if just completed a marathon, bone tired -- Yes. I like this symptom actually..

Extreme thirst:  insatiable urge to keep drinking as if life depends on it -- No

Eyes:   sore, dry, red, blurred vision, double vision, glazed, glassy appearance -- Yes




Face pain:  face hurts all the time -- No

Facial numbness:  face numb/tingling, forehead numb, no feeling in one side of face, no feeling in both sides of face -- Yes.

False sensations of moving (perception distortion):  feel as if body is moving or chair or bed -- Yes, very trippy..

Fatigue/Lethargy:  extreme tiredness, listlessness, lacking in energy -- YES

Fear (organic)/Impending doom:   fear surpassing natural anxiety/concerns re withdrawal, not identifiable with a thought or feeling, feels inauthentic but overwhelming, scared that something "terrible" is about to happen -- YES

Fits: epileptic like movements (rare, can be caused by cold-turkeying) -- (?)

Flu-like symptoms:  feel as if getting flu with aches, joint/muscle pain, feverish, stuffy nose -- Yes




Gastrointestinal disturbances/Stomach problems:

- Vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea, reflux, oesophageal spasms, feeling of choking, distension, stomach cramps -- YES

Glassy eyes: eyes look like those of a street drug addict's, glazed and shiny -- Again..not a hypochondriac..



Hair: change in texture, hair loss, breakage -- Yes

Hallucinations: hypnagogic hallucinations when falling asleep, auditory: hearing sounds, voices -- Yes. Two times with benzo withdrawal and once with Seroquel W/D. These include minor visual and audio hallucinations...quite scary..

Head pain/head aches:  persistent pain in the head sometimes migrane-like -- Yes

Headaches/Tight band around head: feeling as if an imaginary band around head is constantly being tightened -- Sometimes

Hearing hypersensitivity/Hyperacusis:  exaggerated sound, cutlery, crockery, environmental sounds “nerve shatteringly loud”, people sound as if they are shouting -- Yes

Heart:  palpitations, irregular beats, thumping, beating loudly, feels as if jumping out of chest cavity -- Yes my heart beats faster than normal sometimes..

Hormonal imbalances: including non-menopausal hot flashes, severe pre-menstrual tension -- I dont freaking know?!? Maybe, I got/get rapid temperature changes every so often.





Inner trembling/Shaking/Vibrating (perception distortion): feeling of body trembling or vibrating “on the inside” -- Yes

Insomnia/Sleep disturbances:  nights at a time without sleep, few hours sleep per night, sleep and then wake up after a hour or two and unable to go back, waking up throughout the night -- Yes

Intrusive memories:  unwanted and persistent memory sometimes of traumatic events -- YES

Intrusive, repetitive and unwanted thoughts:  obssessive thoughts sometimes frightening and/or bizarre -- Dont know..

Irritability:  very low tolerance levels, easily irritated -- YES




Jelly legs:  legs feel weak and rubbery as if about to give way -- Dont know.

Joint/Muscle pain:  joints hurt, joints feel arthritic and muscles hurt, muscles feel as if performed rigorous exercise.-- Yes




Lethargy/Fatigue:  extreme tiredness, listlessness, lacking in energy, unable to even sit up -- Yes. I enjoy the lethargy

Libido loss:  lack of interest in sexual intercourse, inability to become aroused -- Sadly. Yes.

Light hypersensitivity: everything seems intensely and unbearably bright, feeling the need to wear sun glasses even inside, unable to look at computer screen -- Yes. But mostly on the outside.




Memory impairment:  short-term memory loss, “gaps in memory” where unable to recall specific events, intrusive memories, memory lapses, memory problems also as side effect during tolerance -- YES

Menstrual irregularity and dysmenorrhea: cycle changes and becomes irregular, painful periods -- NOPE

Mood swings: extreme and rapid changes in moods, one minute feeling optimistic then very low, feeling bipolar -- YES

Muscle twitches/Jerks/Spasms:  involuntary movements - myoclonic jerks, twitches and spasms in different areas of body including extremities  -- Yes

Muscle/Joint pain:  joints feel arthritic and muscles hurt, muscles feel as if performed rigorous exercise.  -- Yes. Especially during Lithium withdrawal where it warranted Oxy...




Nail discolouration and splitting:  nails change colour, nails yellow, nails look jaundiced, nails weak and splitting -- No clue..

Nausea: feeling of wanting to throw up all the time, feeling of being seasick -- YES

Numbness/Tingling:  fingers numb, hand numb, face numb, entire body feels numb -- Yes




Pain/stiffness:  different parts of body hurt, all of body hurts, whole body feels stiff, legs feel stiff -- Yes..

Palpitations/heart thumping:  heart races, heart beats wildly, heart feels like jumping out of chest -- Yes

Panic attacks: adrenaline rush, feel as if dying, feeling unable to breathe, feel as if choking -- Yes

Paranoid thoughts:  unfounded, suspicious thoughts, feels threatened, feels persecuted --Yes very minor paranoia every so often...Just about specific things -- Not the above.

Perception Distortion:

  • False sensations of moving e.g. Feeling as though falling through your bed, chair or as if part of your body is falling away from you --(?)

  • Visual (seeing “things”) - inanimate objects appear to be moving, people appear flat, one-dimensional and paper-like -- (?)

Profuse sweating/Perspiring: rivulets of perspiration, bathed in perspiration but not feeling hot, sweating all the time even in air-conditioning, often during acute withdrawal -- Yes




Rage/anger:  feeling violent, surge of anger, argumentative “out of the blue”, feeling urge to "lash out" -- Yes

Reading Comprehension problems:  inability to read, focus or understand even simple instruction -- YES

Repetitive/Obsessive thoughts:  thoughts persist and interrupt cognition, can't stop unwanted thoughts going over and over in mind -- Yes

Restless legs: sensation in legs, overwhelming urge to move legs when lying down, leg jerks while sleeping -- Ive had "jerking" in the legs but not extreme RLS...




Shaking/tremors:  uncontrollable shaking and tremors, hands shake, part of body or whole body trembles -- Yes. Mild/Moderate in the hands. If its cold, then the body.

Skin problems:  rashes, acne, itching, burning, stripping and other problems on different areas of skin -- Yes

Sleep disturbance/Insomnia:  nights at a time without sleep, few hours sleep per night, sleep and then wake up after a hour or two and unable to go back, waking up throughout the night -- Not severe enough to stay up for nights at a time...

Soft tissue pain:  thighs and other fleshy areas of body hurt -- Yes

Stomach problems/Gastrointestinal problems: vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea, reflux, oesophageal spasms, feeling of choking, distension, stomach cramps -- Yes

Sweats/Chills: One minute perspiring profusely then freezing/shaking, hot flashes as if menopausal then shaking, hot then chills as if one has ague  -- Yes




Throat:  sore, tight, choking sensation, spasming -- Yes.

Tinnitus:  constant or intermittent ringing in the ears, high-pitched noise in ears -- Yes..Yes I have. It and anxiety was the reason why I needed to reinstate to 1mg on my first .5mg Clonazepam taper...

Tooth/Gum/Mouth pain: nerves in teeth hurt, gum hurts, all teeth in mouth hurt -- Yes

Touch hypersensitivity:  extreme sensitivity to touch --(?)......

Tremors/shaking:  uncontrollable shaking and tremors, hands shake, part of body or whole body trembles -- Yes

Twitching/Tics: muscles in different areas of body twitch, involuntary movements, vocal tics -- Yes




Uncontrollable crying:  unable to stop crying (for no apparent reason) -- Yes

Urinary problems:  frequency, urinary tract infections, partial or complete incontinence, bladder hypersensitivity, prostatitis -- Yes. Sometimes easier, sometimes harder




Vision blurred/double:  everything appears blurred, problems reading, seeing “double” -- Yes

Visual perception distortion:  seeing “things”, inanimate objects appear to be moving, people and objects appear flat, one-dimensional and paper-like -- Yes




Water retention:  oedema, swollen feet, puffiness -- Again..not a hypochondriac. I have better things to look at than my feet...

Weakness:  feel drained of energy, almost unable to move or even sit up -- Yes. I LOVE this symptom. (seriously) Anythings better than anxiety and the nausea.

Weight issues:  unexplained weight gain, drastic weight loss during acute withdrawal, drastic weight gain during protracted withdrawal, inability to gain weight, inability to lose weight, benzo belly -- Yes. Mostly weight loss.